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Best Shopify Apps For Everyone

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Best Shopify Apps

Best Apps for Shopify

Shopify is now one of the most popular solutions for eCommerce. It has many useful features which make this platform so attractive. Shopify has gained its popularity not least due to the high level of customization. Here we tried to make a full list of the best Shopify apps ever.


1. Pre-Order Manager

Let the customers of your Shopify order products that are out of stock by implementing a pre ordering button to complete the order later. This beautiful shopify pre order tool gives you even more opportunities for trading.

Pricing: $24.95/month   –  Try for free within 14 Days


2. Upsell for Products – Buy X Get Y

Boost your Shopify business applying upsell popups! Using the information about the cart content, this app offers more products and discounts. The proposals of this shopify upsell manager hits strictly to the target.

Pricing: $24.95/month     Try for free within 14 Days


3. Bulk Discounts & Sales Scheduler

This shopify discount app enables managing sales by specifying a particular start/end time and date. You just should choose a product from the list in Shopify and specify the time and the bulk of discounts either in percentage or a fixed cost.

Pricing: $18.95/month   –  Try for free within 14 Days


4. Sales Countdown Timer Bar

Increase the conversion rate using Shopify countdown timer on your home or product page. The widget encourages quick decisions, thus boosting your sales. This Shopify plugin also allows you to customize the countdown itself and the timer for groups or individual customers.

Pricing: Free


5. Quantity Discount & Tiered Pricing

It is much easier to sell more products to one client instead of attracting a new one. The Shopify quantity discount widget allows to utilize this feature and grow your Shopify sales. Add a fully customizable solution for tiered sales onto your store pages and you’ll see the result of such a pricing.

Pricing: $19.95/month   –  Try for free within 14 Days


6. Popup Upsell on Exit & Visit

One more way to grow your sales is to apply Shopify pop up plugin. This app enables showing messages to customers in many conditions, such as the first visit, trying to leave your Shopify store, adding a certain number of products into the cart or wish list. It can suggest them to offer a coupon, sign-up for your newsletter, or any other type of popup.

Pricing: Free


7. Back in Stock Alerts

Want your  shopify notify when back in stock? Inform your customers when the product is back and send notification about its availability in stock via Shopify In Stock Reminder. Let them use the widget to leave an email, while you’ll be able to see the data of all your subscribers and send them notifications.

Pricing: $19.95/month   –  Try for free within 14 Days


8. Free Shipping & Hello Bar

Shopify free shipping notification bar serves to promote something on your Shopify store for free like gifts, free shipping, or similar notifications. The app also sends follow-up and goal-achieved messages to grow up sales and loyalty.

Pricing: $8.95/month   –  Try for free within 14 Days


9. Upsell Bundled Products

Meet Shopify bundles – an easy tool to create bundle items in Shopify without creating a duplicate product in your inventory. Ever wanted to try selling products in bundles but didn’t know how? It’s high time to start. No need to modify your theme – only useful features.

Pricing: $19.95/month   –  Try for free within 30 Days


10. Crowdfunding Manager

This manager is the finest solution to start your own shopify crowdfunding campaign! Customize your Shopify design of the crowdfunding widget to your taste with no coding skills, and show the users progress bar of the donation.

Pricing: $19.95/month   –  Try for free within 14 Days


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