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Facebook announced new group admin tools in first ever communities summit

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Facebook announced new group admin tools

Facebook group admins, here is the a good news for you. Facebook adding more group admin tools!

At a recent Communities Summit in Chicago Facebook announced several new and useful group admin tools, which can help group admin to grow, manage, and secure their groups in less time.

Let me tell you about these tools quickly!

So, with these new group admin tools you can

  • Check group analytic report.
  • Accept multiple membership requests at once by filtering and sorting.
  • Schedule your posts.
  • Removing bad members along with their contents at just one step.
  • Link with other groups.

Let’s take it into more details like how facebook describe these group admin tools.

Group Insights: With group insights, group admin will be able to check detailed analytic report of your group like most engaged posts and members, total growth of new members, posts, comments and reactions, which day of the week was most engaged and much more. I think It is like any other analytic tool but it will be very helpful to group admins.

Membership request filtering: If your group receives hundreds of memberships requests each day or week then you probably spending much time to accept and decline those requests, but now with this new feature you can accept and decline multiple or all requests at once by filtering and sorting them on few categories, such as gender and locations, isn’t it awesome?

Member Cleanup: Now you can remove unsafe members and their posts, comments, and other member added by them in one step. So, it might be very helpful to every group admin.

Post Scheduling: You can create and schedule your posts to be published on a specific date and time.

Linking with other Groups: It is a quite good feature because group with million members can help other groups to grow or I can say small group can grow by joining bigger groups.

I think all these group admin tools very useful for the admin, isn’t it?  let me know in the comments.   

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