Hello Readers, before writing on any other topic, I want to write about Web2Tips and how I came up with this idea.

In late 2014 I came up with an idea to create a blog where I want to share my experiences in Web Development, Web Designing and Freelancing. So, I purchased this domain and after writing two post on login with social media, (“Login with Facebook” and “login with twitter”) I never get a chance to write anything else because of my busy life with Freelancing.

From 2014 to 2017, many times I thought about a fresh start with Web2Tips but again somehow, I got busy with freelancing and I left it alone again! Every time when I thought about a new start with Web2Tips I’ve redesign and reinstalled the website and it’s graphical assets (logo and icon) but never get a chance to make it actually work.

Few months ago, I got a long-term contract from upwork with a digital marketing company and got enough free time. So, I am thinking about another fresh start again but now it is not about only Web and Freelancing, I will write post on many topics, such as Entertainment, Lifestyle, Sports, Games, Mobile Applications etc.

Basically, it will be an  all-rounder blog and I will be writing on those topics. Also in future I will enable guest writing feature with Multilanguage post feature enabled. For now, I’ve started with a freebie theme on WordPress later I will update the design based on its performance.

Here is a shortlist of the topics I am thinking about, but I don’t know If I can write about on all topics.

  • News
  • Tech
  • Entertainment
  • Lifestyle
  • Movie Reviews
  • App Reviews
  • Sports
  • Videos
  • Game
  • Viral
  • Fun

Let me know in the comments, if I can add few more topics? J  and If there is any possibility, I can make Web2Tips work this time or NOT?

Love you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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