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Google Assistant can identify the song playing around you

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Google Assistant

With the release of Google’s flagship offering Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL, Google also released updates for their Google Assistant AI. One of the noteworthy update is the ability to identify the song that is playing in the background.

This feature was already released around a month ago and it was pretty much limited to the Pixel devices. However Google has now confirmed that this feature will be available to all the devices that supports Google Assistant.


Google Assistant
Google Assistant

However the Google Assistant features still  has not been  rolled out across all countries yet. The people in Canada, UK, Malaysia, Singapore, the Philippines and Australia said that they have received updates for the feature and are pretty much using it without a hassle.

To utilise this feature, you have to launch the Google Assistant on your device. After holding down on the home button to trigger  Google Assistant, simply ask it: “What song is this?” and it replies with the title, artist and short excerpt of the lyrics. It also tosses in an info card with the title of the album where you can find the track, the date it was released and embedded links to Search, YouTube and Play that make it easier to get the song or to listen to it again.

Google has released this update to compete against Shazam, who is pretty much enjoying the crown among applications able to ID the song on demand. It looks that Shazam is up for a real challenge now.

Google uses the microphone to constantly take feeds from the environment around it.  It then checks its database to find the song details.

Next time you hear a nice tune playing, you can simply ask Assistant “What song is this?” and it will reply with the title and artist. Assistant will now also include “What’s this song?” in its carousel of possible queries if you have voice as your preferred input. Furthermore, if you have a song playing through your headphones or on another device with Spotify Connect, asking what song is playing will automatically pull up info for the title without having to first listen for whatever’s playing.


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