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No more credit or debit card required, Now you can pay with your car key

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No more credit or debit card required, Now you can pay with your car key

Now you can pay with your car key. Yes, it sounds like visionary but it is true. On 1st September 2017 Barclaycard marks their 10th anniversary by launching the world’s first car key with a built-in contactless payment technology which is currently only available with DS, Citroën’s luxury car brand. This new high tech car keys may replace the current credit and debit card payment technology. You just need to tap the key on the screen of a payment terminal and it will be accepted just like other credit and debit card transaction.

Now the question is how we can add the money on that key? and is the money secure there? well, the answer is users can add money to the key using a smartphone app and the key uses an integrated chip plus Radio Frequency Identification technology, which made it secure as any other available card payment technology.

Throughout September, 2017 It will come as a standard equipment on new compact DS3 connected Chic model and DS Automobiles will monitor the report in order to decide if it can be used as standard DS feature in the upcoming years.

Director of innovation, Tami Hargreaves said: “At Barclaycard, we are constantly looking for ways to innovate from trialing contactless beer pumps, to piloting a contactless ice-cream van that allows customers to pay, and serve themselves an ice-cream in less than 60 seconds.”

In the early 2017, Jaguar also launched a built-in application which can be used to refuel the car at any Shell branded station. That app uses PayPal and Apple Pay to add money in it.

So, I think these new inventions could replace time consuming today’s payment technologies. What do you think about it? Let us know in the comments.

News Source: News18, Telegraph

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